Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Advantages of Network Marketing Online

  1. Personal freedom. If you’re spending lots of time in traffic, and working 50-60 hour weeks in your job, starting a network marketing online business is by far, the BEST way to get out of the rat-race. The average person spends 348 hours each year commuting, according to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Suddenly with network marketing online opportunities, you have those extra hours to regain control of your personal life. Plus, no bosses, no dress code, no set work schedule, and no office politics to maneuver. All you need is personal drive & discipline, and exemplary time-management skills.
  2. Keep the money you make. The simple principle is that: the harder you work, the more money you make. With Network Marketing Online, your earning potential is directly proportional to your performance, so you don’t have to wait for a raise or a promotion. You work harder, and you produce more. Preparing lunch at home is more cost efficient and offers a nice break in your workday.
  3. Increased opportunities. With so many corporations and industries in a slump, starting your own Network Marketing online business enterprise means you can create your own income-producing opportunities. Good job prospects can be scarce in some industries, and promotional opportunities within major companies are also shrinking.
  4. Lesser risk. Running a network marketing online business from home takes much less startup cash than a freestanding business, or even a franchise location. And once your business is up and running, it’s cheaper and easier to maintain than a separate business location. All you need is a laptop/computer and self-discipline.
  5. Tax advantages. There are a many of tax advantages to having your network marketing online business office under one roof. You can deduct a part of your home’s operating and depreciation expenses on your home as business expenses. This can be a percentage of your mortgage, insurance, utilities, property taxes, and/or the household expenses.
  6. More time for family and friends. This is extremely important for parents of kids who’re going to school. You can actually see your kids off to school and on most days be home when they return. Isn’t that a blessing? Also, if someone is sick, it’s easier to leave your home’s desk than from someone else’s office.
  7. Lesser stress. Juggling the demands of work and family life can be stressful, especially when you know you can stay home to care for a sick child and generally set your own schedule. That’s the beauty of network marketing online.
  8. Scope for professional growth. Being your own boss gives you the chance to wear a lot of hats: strategist, business development manager, sales director, marketing professional, and more. This gives you insight into and experience with all the aspects of running a business, which, in turn, makes you even more successful and marketable.
  9. Increase your productivity. You should have a lot more time and energy to make your business a success, now that you no longer have to budget time and energy for commuting or a succession of useless meetings.
  10. Chance to unleash your Crativity. Launching your network marketing online business can be an opportunity for you to unleash to your passions and hobbies and create a money-generating outlet for your unique and creative talents too.

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